Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tonight in Rogers Park

Developers: Richard Aronson and Scott Sinar

Email blast from Alderman Joe Moore: Yes

Developer history of campaign contributions to Alderman Joe Moore: Yes

Attend this meeting to oppose the demolition of the Historic Wisdom Bridge Theatre. Rich Aronson is known as a lightweight developer who often buckles under pressure.

As with all 49th Ward developer meetings, Alderman Joe Moore has previously been paid-off and will be in support of the project.

Developers stick together, so many former pay-offs will be seeded in the meeting to show support. Although the deck is loaded, outstanding community opposition can sink this project.

Please attend the meeting at:

Willye B. White Recreation Center 1610 W. Howard Street Chicago, IL. 60626, on

Wednesday, May 5th 7pm.