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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Alderman Joe Moore

We have quite a few issues because our Alderman does not do his job.

Alderman Joe Moore (49th Ward), is too busy taking bribes from developers to take a stand against the gangs and violence.

"The murder of Isiah AKA "Freaky Nu Nu" Stroud, 16, and following gang activity and graffiti occured under the Jarvis Red line station on the North side of the street. This occured less than half a block from Joe Moore's office.

... And still, to this day there has not been a statement from Alderman Joe Moore concerning the outbreak of gang violence and destruction in our community.

Alderman Joe Moore is worried about coping until the next housing boom comes, while people are being murdered by gangs on the streets of Rogers Park.

The victims blood is on his hands for choosing to ignore, rather than address these real issues that effect the citizens of Rogers Park.

Wake up Joe! Do you even know the neighborhood that it is your job to represent?

Time and time again, we have found that "Joe Moore Does Not Care!"