Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nicholas Senn High School

Nicholas Senn High School

While on one of our usual walks around the neighborhoods, we decided to veer off onto Victoria Avenue from Broadway Street and found ourselves taking multiple turns that led to what I call an adventure... (in other words we were lost and didn't want to admit it) While on this self-proclaimed adventure, we found Nicholas Senn High School, and at night it was beautiful. The ivy growing over the building, the trees and other plant life... It was a sight to behold and I am very grateful to have seen it in the glory of the night.

Word 49 - The Word on Edgewater, Rogers Park and West Ridge

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BillsDigitalPhotos said...

Good night shots. I think it would be a good policy not to be wandering around at night, lost with items in your possession like cameras, cell phones that may be taken from you, and sold for drugs. Live and act to have future adventures. Just a thought. ::-)